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Distinct shape

The Blob is the DarkLight tag target and is central to the game. Its distinct blobby look makes it very easy to recognise ensuring you always know exactly what to interact with.


Nine colours

With all the colours of the rainbow plus white, the Blob can be sequenced to display visually stunning effects. 


All hardware

For intuitive consistency, the Blob is used on everything interactive: the Vest, the Phaser, the GEM and animatronics.


Super bright white LEDs

Each Blob has one super-bright white LED that can strobe or sparkle. With them all on you can light the room up.


Linked lighting Patterns

Up to 48 Blobs can be synced to display millions of mesmerising patterns and sequences.  


IR emitter

The Blobs communicate with each other using a super wide infrared beam that can be set to different ranges. This enables actions such as explosions, spreading or proximity detecting. 


Wide hit angle

The Blob can be tagged from every viewable angle. 

Blob Wide Angle.jpg